viernes, 20 de noviembre de 2009

Fucked Up

Well, this post is specially dedicated to all the english spoken friends who read the blog, because you must know, above all, a group called "Fucked up", -a hardcore punk band from Toronto, Ontario- as i can read in wikipedia.
I really didn´t know anything about them, until I saw this video on youtube. I´m not much of this kind of music, but oh man, the bear vocalist is such a sexy and cute guy, and for what I can see, he always sings lightweight clothing, showing that topless, and that dancing bulge in his pants that seems to go down any time :-) Hope you like the video, and although it´s not very important for our interests, I´ll just say the song is "Crooked head", performed in the Pavilion Stage on Roskilde Festival 2009 :-P

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